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Squawk 0314

What a day! I woke up early and finished my flight plan (which took entirely too long on my behalf) and got to the airport. The bad news was the winds up north were strong and turbulent. The good news was the winds out east were (mostly) stable and light. So my flight instructor and I crapped out a new plan and I flew to Evansville and Owensboro again.

It was super boring. I made this same exact flight once before and I’ve gone in that direction four times. There’s nothing new to see. I managed to find Evansville this time, which is good because the transponder wasn’t working.

That sucked up my entire morning and half of the afternoon. Something about cross-country flights just sucks the energy right out of me so I took a long nap.

I haven’t played any Dead Space 2 today. I haven’t really done much of anything actually. Where did my Saturday go? Oh right, it dripped out of my nose. Snot management is sucking up a lot of my time.

A linear sequence of scares

Today wasn’t quite as long as I expected. My English class just consisted of turning in some homework, and my law class was an 80 question true/false and multiple choice exam that I blasted through in less than 10 minutes. What can I say? Between working in a law office, and an unhealthy obsession with courtroom dramas and Cops, I know a little about the legal system.

I made it to disc 2 of Dead Space 2. It’s really not that much different than the first one. It feels a lot more linear because there’s no hub and tram system but the first game was more or less linear. This one is just more transparent about it. I hope to finish it before the end of the weekend.

My sore throat has turned into congestion and sneezing fits. I’m plugged up and blasting spit all over myself. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t leave my apartment.