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Post Summer of Suffering 2014 Wrap-up

Nipple chafe is real, and it really sucks.
Nipple chafe is real, and it really sucks.

This weekend, I finished my second half marathon, the We Care Twin Cities Half Marathon. With the exception of the Sand Creek trail run in a couple weeks, and that’s quite a bit deeper into fall, my summer of suffering is over. So let’s take a look at the results!

  • March 29 – Penguin in the Park – 5K – 30:50
  • May 3 – Moonlight Marathon – 5K – 30:45
  • May 10 – Whitmore Classic – 5M – 48:36
  • May 31 – RAINN 5K – 5K – 33:17
  • June 28 – Scheels 5K – 5K – ???
  • July 4 – Staley Firecracker – 4M – 41:53
  • August 17 – Abe’s Amble – 10K – 1:04:22
  • September 21 – Shoreline Classic – 15K – 1:36:50
  • September 27 – We Care Twin Cities – Half Marathon – 2:22:57

Overall, I can’t complain much. I took a break from running after Whitmore and, clearly, my times suffered for it, but they’re all an improvement over last year’s. I tried to run everything in my Vibram FiveFingers, but they’re really hard on my feet. A couple weeks before Shoreline, I decided to switch back to traditional running shoes so that I wouldn’t unnecessarily risk injuring myself and missing my two biggest runs. It was the right call because I don’t think I would’ve made it through the half marathon essentially barefoot, but I’m still disappointed. I’m not giving up on them though, as my stride is much less heel-heavy than it used to be. I’ll be running in them at Sand Creek in two weeks.

Just because my summer of suffering is over, I’m by no means done! I’m feeling more confident in my ability to finish an actual marathon, so I’ve got to keep up running through the winter so that I’ll be ready in April. That said, here’s my wishlist for the rest of the year!

  • October 12 – Sand Creek Trail Run – 7+M
  • November 9 – Route 66 Half Marathon – Half Marathon
  • November 22 – Turkey Trot – 10K
  • December 10 – Frostbite Festival – 10M
Personal Nonsense

Capital City Biathlon

Yesterday I finished my first biathlon! It was a 3.1 mile run followed by a 15 mile bike ride. Leading up to it, I was mostly concerned with the run because I haven’t done much running in the last six months. I spent the last three weeks running three times a week to build up my endurance again. Katie and I did a casual bike ride last week and that was about all the bike training I did. I placed 86th out of 153. I finished the run in 26:36, spent about a minute in the transition area, and finished the bike ride at 53:55. Here are some pictures!
Finishin', finishin'!
That’s me crossing the finish line. It was chip timed, hence all the mats. I rode my mountain bike with commuter tires because a friend of mine was also in it and she only has a mountain bike and I didn’t want her to feel left out. I beat a lot of people on much more expensive bikes than mine, and I’m pretty sure I was the second person on a mountain bike to finish. The first was a 15 year old boy. I’m okay with that.
Here’s how I’m supposed to feel after I finished! You can’t tell but I’m giving a thumbs-up behind that water bottle.
Here’s how I actually felt. Sweaty, tired, hungry!
"Put your medal on so I can take a picture!"
And here’s Erika shoving a banana in my face.