Personal Nonsense

Lies previews tell

I rode the Sekai to school today and it was fannnnnntastic! I don’t know if I was actually going faster but I sure felt like I was.

Anyone who wrote a preview for Dead Space 2 before it came out ought to be shot. Every preview I read was about how this time Isaac was taking the fight to the necromorphs and the action would be heavier and the game would be less linear and Isaac would have a voice. Only one of those is completely true. Isaac certainly has a voice. But it’s still about escape and not taking the fight to the necromorphs. If anything, the game is more linear than the first one, because it all moves a long a critical path with no maps. That’s right, maps are out! There’s no need for them! As for the action, it doesn’t feel heavier but the necromorphs certainly have more variety.

I was almost turned off of this game entirely by the previews. I’ve written before about how I was going to pass on it because it sounded like Visceral was turning Dead Space into yet another 3rd person shooter, and that simply isn’t true.