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Tomb of Malevolence

You know, the first thing I did today was get Dead Space 2: Severed and the Nine Inch Nails track pack for Rock Band. I’ve played a couple of the Nine Inch Nails songs but I haven’t touched Severed yet.

I did, however, finish the Doom 2 bonus episode No Rest for the Living. What a brutal collection of levels. The levels are beautifully made and the challenge is always just a hair below what I was capable of beating. Seriously, Vivisection, halfway through it almost broke me. Now my avatar gets to wear the totally effing sweet Doom marine costume! And I get to grind through the rest of Doom 2 on Ultraviolence. And maybe I’ll get back into Thy Flesh Consumed if I want to die repeatedly.

Katie made the mistake of buying the Magic game off of XBLA and we played three games and I totally crushed her all three times. She blames it on the deck and cheating. You can’t cheat when the program is controlling the rules!

Revanant v. Mancubus

What to say about today? I stayed up too late last night playing Doom 2. I have to beat that new episode “No Rest for the Living” in order to unlock the Doom Marine avatar costume. It’s beautifully designed and plays great. I’m often overwhelmed by enemies but I never feel like I’m losing because it’s cheap. I’m losing because I’m playing dumb or not paying attention. I love it and hate it at the same time when they toss me into a fight against an archvile, four revenants, 8 barons of hell, and a ton of demons.

Monster infighting has become such an overlooked aspect of first person shooters. It doesn’t even have to do with the number of enemies on screen, though that does factor in. I’m pretty sure there’s no infighting at all in Duke3D, and modern shooters have abandoned it either through superior enemy AI that doesn’t shoot each other on accident, or ignore it entirely.

A big reason why you can fight against overwhelming numbers of enemies in Doom is because it’s really easy to play them against each other. It’s a vital mechanic to the game, even. If you were expected to beat “Tricks and Traps” by fighting through that entire room full of barons of hell and the cyberdemon, it’d be basically impossible! The only way to win is to let them kill each other off then cleanup the survivors. Arguably, the best weapon in Doom is monster infighting.

I suppose I lament it’s loss in other games, but I might prefer it that way because it is one of the reasons why Doom is unique.


After a long day of classes, I had to get out to the airport to take a test and do another flight. This resulted in me not getting back to my apartment until 5pm. I didn’t get a ton of sleep last night, so I took a nap. At 6:30. And woke up around 8:15. Whoops.

Doom 2 is one of my favorite games of all time. Easily in my top 5 ever. I’ve been playing Doom 2 since it was released. I can play and replay it over and over and I still love it. But I hate hate hate hate hate revenants. They are the worst. Even worse than archviles, worse than pain elementals. Worse than fighting a cyberdemon with just a shotgun. Whenever I hear that high-pitched shriek, alarms go off in my head.