An Apology to Deus Ex

Dear Deus Ex,

I was wrong about you. So wrong. You and I were speaking different languages for years. This week I decided to listen before speaking.

Instead of trying to do everything and see everything and crawl through every nook and cranny, I accepted you for being a bigger game than one playthrough can encompass. Instead of trying to do everything in one run, I just did things my way. I blasted my enemies to death. I tossed out all non-lethal weaponry. I explored whenever I could but accepted that not every door could or should be opened. I dumped skills into computers so I could hack turrets and cameras instead of sneaking around, which I hate. I played you the way that I enjoyed the most.

And it worked! I finished you today, having put in almost 15 hours over the course of four days. It was awesome!

In short, Deus Ex, thanks for being you. I was wrong about you all along.





I am completely buried under a pile of games that seems to be getting bigger. Just a couple weeks ago I was lamenting having something new to play (hence all the expansion pack playthroughs) but now I feel like my backlog is getting completely out of control.

A friend of mine went to PAX East and brought back a couple of t-shirts she didn’t need/want that she gave to me, one of which was a shirt for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. My love/hate relationship with Deus Ex is well documented. Nonetheless, I was interested in Human Revolution and now I am super-hyped for it. The front of the shirt says “The Truth Will Change You” while the back has a silhouette of the main character filled with a bunch of words and phrases relating to the game or series. My favorite of these is “it’s not the end of the world but you can see it from here.”

I’m giving Deus Ex another shot. I played through all of Invisible War not that long ago, and I’ve never finished the original despite owning it for 11 years. I’m doing this my way: save the good guys, kill everyone else. I think I’m doing rather well! My inventory is constantly full but I’m also full up on medkits and bioelectic cells and ammo for the two guns that I use.

I spent seven hours playing it today and I’m about to get out of Hong Kong. I will finish this dumb game.