10,000 gecs

When I listened to 10,000 gecs for the first time, I didn’t love it. I also didn’t love 1,000 gecs on the first listen. On subsequent listens, I like a lot of this album.

The back half is a lot better than the front half. Of all things, it was “One Million Dollars” that I immediately needed to hear again. That song leads to “The Most Wanted Person In the United States”, which I also liked from the jump. “mememe” is an amazing closer.

“Dumbest Girl Alive” isn’t the kind of strong open that “745 sticky” is but it’s fine. And “757” isn’t any comparison to “money machine” but it’s also fine. It’s “Hollywood Baby” and “Frog on the Floor” that I really can’t truck with. Toss them both in the bin.