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5 Hours of Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights isn’t a Batman Arkham game, but it’s mostly fine. My biggest complaint, thus far, has been the bugs. Holy hell. What a bad first impression.

I started the game. I sat through 20 minutes of cutscenes. As soon as I got control, I paused to peruse the options. AMD FSR was turned off, so I turned it on and hit the “apply” button. Crash.

I tried to start the game again. Crash. Repeat until I accept that something in my configuration is broken.

I deleted the configuration file. Restarted the game, and now it runs again. Great. But that wasn’t the last time it crashed. It has blown up a few times since then, though I haven’t found a consistent reason.

Beyond the crashes, I don’t love the game but I don’t hate it either. It lands in the same territory of mindless beat-em-up as Marvel’s Avengers, and I like this one a bit more.