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2022 Dream of Waking Video Game Awards

I’ve tried to write this a few times, but I just can’t get it off the ground. The rest of this is what I have in draft.

I’m dedicating 2023 to not doing the expected thing. I’m not talking a midlife crisis. I’m not talking about disrupting the system. I’m talking about changing a few things up because they don’t work for me. I’ve spent a lot of time writing little video game reviews that no one reads. It’s easy, sure. But do I have something to say that someone else hasn’t already said in their own little video game review? Is my point of view all that unique? If the answer is no, then I don’t really need to write something. I’m looking around for a good solution to tracking what games I’ve completed across platforms.

I’m also just a little lost on social media. Twitter has been my place for a few years, but Twitter is in bad shape lately. Not sure I want to stick around. I like other platforms for what they do, but none of them really have the same people I like on them. The Twitter diaspora is real.

Also, I’ve been a reddit moderator for the last (almost) six years and today I stopped doing that. Done moderating on Discord too. I’m done moderating. I sort of want to write about that experience, but does anyone care? Sharing knowledge so that others can learn is something I deeply believe in, but I too often feel like I’m just talking to myself. Change of venue might be necessary.

Anyway. Here’s to 2023. Let’s do something different.

2022 Game of the Year

Hardspace: Shipbreaker

I spent a lot of this year playing games that did not come out in 2022, but Hardspace: Shipbreaker would have been hard to beat even if I did. I could not get enough of taking apart space ships.

RU: Solar Ash, Axiom Verge 2

2022’s 2021 Game of the Year

Chasm: The Rift

Playstation Game of the Year

The Last of Us

The “I’m Never Going to Finish This” Award

Yakuza Zero

The “Why Did I Play So Much Of This?” Award


Other Awards

Movie of the Year

Album of the Year

Book of the Year