Demo Derby – Realms Deep 2021

Realms Deep is apparently a marketing event for 3D Realms to show off some upcoming first-person shooters, and some of those from partners. The kids call most of these games “boomer shooters” because they’re going for the neo-retro aesthetic. There are a lot of Quake-looking games in this sale page. But neo-retro shooters are exactly my thing, so I checked out a handful of demos and here’s what I thought of them. I didn’t “finish” any of them, but played them for 10-15 minutes each. Roughly ordered by how much I enjoyed them, ascending.


This one is the most like Quake, and also the least exciting so far. Ugly enemies, very detail-less textures, weird fish-eye effect from super high FOV. It moves fast and runs well but that’s about it. Not impressed.


This came up front with a “this is pre-alpha” warning, but it’s playable. Seems to be a bit more Thief than Quake with a strong emphasis on stealth and limited ammo. It sort of bored me.

Project Downfall

Okay, now we’re getting there. Love the aesthetic of this game, all neon lights and scanlines. Didn’t love the cartoony characters. It’s a little Max Payne and a little Hotline Miami. It’s got a slow start but it’s promising, if they can get it to run a bit better.


CULTIC is my jam. It obviously takes from Blood and Quake, and adds a super limited color palette. This game has like 16 colors. The action felt great, snappy and lethal for the enemies. It had a simple but effective intro. I’m apparently some kind of investigator and then I wake up in a mass grave. This is my first time seeing or hearing about CULTIC and I’m already in love. Super fun.