Personal Nonsense

The End is Near

I think I’m coming to the end of my interest in continuing to play Fallout 76. Xbox tells me I’m just past the 49 hour mark, with maybe 10 of those being played before this most recent stretch.

This is a huge game and it lands in the same place for me as playing a solo MMO like Elder Scrolls Online. I can walk around this endless world and see the sights, read some stories, and barely interact with it. It consumes my time. Even though I’m having some fun with it, at some point I want to “finish” it. But that’s not the point of this game. The point is for me to play it forever.

I could go back to Nier Replicant and continue my Ending B run, but that’s turning into a bit of a chore. I know what needs to be done and I’m not looking forward to doing it. I’ve run out the fun in playing it.

I have The Quiet Man. I know The Quiet Man isn’t a good game. But I also know The Quiet Man is a short game. I can run through this bad game and get to an ending and feel that satisfaction in finishing something.

I’ve also gotten a sudden urge to complete Resistance 3. I never finished Resistance: Fall of Man. It was a bit too early PS3 for my taste, a bit too rough and boring. I did finish Resistance 2, but I had to check my PS3 trophies because I sure don’t remember that at all. It’s a bit funny or sad that the Resistance games didn’t get caught up in the wave of reboots, remakes, restarts on PS4 or PS5. I think of them as kind of a tentpole of Sony exclusives that kept the PS3 going, but it seems they were less important to the platform than I thought.