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Star Wars: Rogue One might be the best Star Wars movie. It’s only a maybe because it hits harder when you have something to compare it to, like the original trilogy. It’s showing an entirely different side of the rebellion, and it’s a side that’s sorely missed from those movies. Spoilers below.

Rogue One has rebels who are rebels. Saw Gerrera is a rebel that makes the rebellion uncomfortable. His fight on Jedha isn’t just moving pieces on a board. They’re getting their hands dirty and it looks so much different from the rebels in the rest of the movies. Sometimes rebellion is ugly.

When the rebellion learns about the Death Star, a lot of leadership doesn’t believe in it and won’t commit to stopping its construction. Imagine how differently A New Hope plays out if the rebels don’t have a plan to stop the Death Star because they don’t believe it exists until it’s built and blowing up Alderaan. The rebellion commits to stealing the Death Star plans because a handful of rebels believe in the Death Star’s threat and go off to try to stop it.

It also shows different sides of the force, and conflict within the empire. It’s just so compelling to see what this universe looks like from the side of people who aren’t The Chosen.