Personal Nonsense

The Wasteland

Something about having a crappy time playing Fallout 76 in XCloud made me want to play it on Xbox One X.

I’ve actually owned an original disc copy of this game for quite a while. I got it for less than free. Amazon was doing a special where you could get the game for something like $5 and get a $10 gift card with it. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to turn $5 into $10.

When I first started playing it, a couple months after launch and fully aware of its issues, it didn’t grab me. The wasteland is empty. There’s nothing out there but bots and ghouls. I don’t even think raiders were in the original release. I didn’t play it much because there wasn’t a lot to it. Base building, survival, exploration, and listening to audio logs.

A couple years later and I’m still not super into it, but there are people out there now. I’ve got something like three or four main quests to follow. Some side quests that are pretty long. I don’t think I’ve run into a human player yet, but they exist somewhere.

In a lot of ways, Fallout 76 reminds me of Elder Scrolls Online. Big microtransaction store. Time killer. Too big.