Personal Nonsense

The Downsides

I’ve spent more time playing with XCloud on PC. I’ve hit some snags.

The first is that the picture is good, not great. It’s like 1080 when I’m used to 4K. Way less noticeable on a phone, but it’s noticeable on a PC at a 4K resolution. Not a dealbreaker.

What is a deal breaker was the network performance in Fallout 76. Eugh. In the big shared open world, it was really rough. The disconnect between controller and actions on screen was pretty terrible. Sometimes I’d try to turn a little left and end up spinning in a full circle. I’d take a couple steps forward, and my character would go for a full on walk. Just really not good.

Indoors, it was fine, because indoors are instanced. I’m only there with whoever is in my party. Since I loaded into an area right outside of one of my objectives, I went straight inside. It was perfectly fine. Not perfect, but fine.

I booted up my Xbox One X to try out FO76 on the console to see if it was maybe a server problem. This is what I got:

Er, uh. This game is 82GB installed.

So I guess I’m waiting.

edit: okay yeah, it’s the XCloud. Played a bit direct from the Xbox One X and it ran just fine. No control issues. There’s a chance I got a bad server on XCloud twice, but I don’t quite think that’s it. I’m streaming a game from some Microsoft server farm that’s connecting to some Bethesda server. That’s probably the actual issue.