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Xcloud Streaming on PC is cool

I got let into the closed beta for Xbox’s XCloud streaming on PC. I’ve used XCloud streaming quite a few times to play Xbox games on a phone paired to an Xbox controller and it worked rather well. I’m even more impressed by this though.

It’s dead simple. My PC has an Xbox controller attached. I log into I pick one of the games available and run it. It runs in the browser window. It plays just like it does on Xbox.

Since it’s pulling from the Xbox Game Pass selection, there’s a pretty big number of games playable. Also, since it’s pulling from the Xbox selection, all of my save games sync. I can go from phone stream to Xbox to PC stream and never lose progress.

I’ve had a few problems with the stream coming to my phone, which is sort of understandable. It’s a phone on wifi. I suspect I won’t run into many stream problems on my PC. And I’ve never had problems with unresponsive controls, neither on a phone nor on PC.

For the price of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, I get to play brand new games on my two major platforms, the Xbox and my PC, and now I can stream the Xbox games to the PC so I don’t have to install anything or question whether my progress will go with me. I’m really rather pleased about all of this.