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I don’t understand what makes the next drag superstar

RPDR S13 recently, finally, ended. It’s a wholly unique season for being the longest season and taking three episodes before eliminating anyone. Before anyone goes home, we’re introduced to them all twice. The top 4 weren’t much of a surprise, but the winner was. At least to me, it was.

It seems I don’t understand what makes the next drag superstar. Spoilers for RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13 below.

After the first couple episodes, I could pick out a couple front runners. Gottmik. Symone. Probably not Rose, and definitely not Kandy Muse. And going into the finale, I thought Gottmik clinched it. Rose and Symone had more wins, but Gottmik had Ru’s love.

Imagine my surprise when the finale came down to Symone and Kandy in a LSFYL. And Symone won. By the numbers, she’s got more wins than Gottmik and Rose, but she also spent more time in the bottom than either of them, and LSFYL’ed more than either of them. It was a rollercoaster than ended in a win, and that was a surprise.

I’m trying to apply too much math to a process that defies definition. I’m an idiot for trying to guess what could result in a RPDR win. Even if the math counts wins and detracts for bottom 3/LSFYL, I still would’ve rather seen Gottmik win over Rose. So here I am, whining that my fave didn’t win.

Talking (typing) through this, I’m realizing that maybe I just wasn’t that into this season of queens, or maybe it wore out its welcome with the extended length. I am a little relieved that it’s over, but very much excited for what’s next; Drag Race Down Under.