On the eve of Nier Replicant Ver1.22474487139…

I’ve played Nier. After finishing Nier: Automata, I agonized over how I was supposed to play Nier. It was long past out of print and fairly rare. I ended up buying a copy at a Gamestop. It was missing the manual, which drives the collector in me nuts, but the game plays fine. Well, fine as in it works.

Nier’s not great to play in its original form. The melee attacks don’t feel great, the shooting and spells are sort of wonky, and I got bit by the fishing issue. The same exact issue. I had the same exact reaction. I tried so hard to catch that fucking fish, never knowing I was just a few steps away from the point where the fish could actually be caught. I was pretty mad about that because I loved Nier: Automata and Nier has one of the best openings in a video game of all time.

Don’t play this at work

I got something like 75% through Nier before falling off of it. I was playing it on Xbox 360 long after the Xbox 360 was out-of-date, and of course it’s not backwards compatible on Xbox One. The weak gameplay didn’t help.

When Nier Replicant Ver (obnoxious) was announced, I was pretty torn. Do I pull out the Xbox 360 and finish Nier? Do I bother getting this re-release at all? Do I just forget about Dad Nier and start over with Bro Nier? I grappled with these questions for too long.

But then I saw the new game in action, and I’ve read that they’re not just remaking the game, but revamping that crappy combat. And now I can play it on PC, which is really my preferred platform.

Tomorrow, it’s released, and I’m ready.