Ow my back

Hey so two days ago, I was doing deadlifts in the gym and something popped and now my back is all screwed up. I’m not going to be a big downer about it, but it hurts to sit up, it hurts to bend over, it hurts to recline, etc. About the only things that don’t hurt is lying down and standing mostly motionless. The doctor thought I might have a pinched nerve, but also I’m missing some cartilage in between spine bones and I have some kind of bone build up in the same area. I’m just hoping this is a temporary thing.

Until I’m comfortable sitting down, I’m not going to be streaming. No one wants to watch me wince everytime I move. I don’t want to talk through a game while I’m messed up on painkillers. I’ll make a big deal out of when I’m ready to do it again.