Personal Nonsense

The Danswercise E3 Challenge!

I don’t really need an excuse to workout, but I could use one to workout more. I’m already working out 4 – 5 times a week, so what’s two more days? That said, I should give myself some ground rules beyond just “workout every day”. So here’s what I’m going to stick to!

  1. Any physical activity I do for more than 30 minutes that I wouldn’t normally do counts as working out.
  2. Moving furniture doesn’t count, even though moving furniture sucks and I basically never move furniture.
  3. Mowing doesn’t count.
  4. Walking doesn’t count unless I go over my goal step count. My goal step count is 10,000. I rarely go over 5,000, and I usually go over because I’m running.

With those ground rules laid out, here’s a schedule of how I’m going to accomplish it.

  • Monday – Body Pump / strength
  • Tuesday – Run / cardio
  • Wednesday – Body Pump / strength
  • Thursday – Run / cardio
  • Friday – Weightlifting / strength
  • Saturday – A little strength, a little cardio? Or just cardio.
  • Sunday – Something easy. Maybe work on that step count.