My 2014 Summer of Suffering

I kind of love running. It’s pretty much my favorite form of exercise. My favorite used to be biking, and I still love biking. But running does more for me. I’ll feel a good run for two days straight. I have to ride a ton of miles to feel a bike ride. And biking is expensive. I have to maintain a bike, and I can’t afford to compete. Running is free, races are plentiful and cheap. Even if I have no ambition to win (and I don’t), it’s still fun to get out in some race at dumb early in the morning.

I’ve ramped up how much I run and for how long. Last year, I made a big deal out of running a 15K and then a half marathon. The half marathon was brutal. I probably wasn’t prepared enough, and I swore I was done with distances like that. But my sister finished the Illinois Marathon and I got hella jelly, and then she talked me into running a half marathon with her, so whatever. I’m doing it.

I’m also doing the Decatur Running Club Grand Slam, which is finishing four out of five of their sponsored races. Coincidentally, four of those five I haven’t run in years past. And, of course, I wanted to keep up on the races I ran last year, and I added some more in that sounded like a good time, or fit well within my schedule. So here’s my 2014 Summer of Suffering, ignoring the fact that it started before summer did, and will end long after summer does.

  • March 29 – Penguin in the Park – 5K
  • May 3 – Moonlight Marathon – 5K
  • May 10 – Whitmore Classic – 5M
  • May 31 – RAINN 5K – 5K
  • June 28 – Scheels 5K – 5K
  • July 4 – Staley Firecracker – 4M
  • August 17 – Abe’s Amble – 10K
  • September 21 – Shoreline Classic – 15K
  • September 27 – We Care Twin Cities – Half Marathon
  • October 12 – Sand Creek Trail Run – 7M

I’m probably going to jam a couple more in before the end of the year, and the ultimate goal is to finish the Illinois Marathon next year. But I’m totally excited for the distances to start ramping up again! And I will complain and whine about it but I do it to myself because I love it!

And by “I love it”, I mean I do it for the t-shirts. Because if I don’t get a t-shirt out of it, what’s the point?