I have arthritis

The subject says it all. Okay, almost all of it.

Quite a while ago, I had a physical and as the doctor was inspecting my feet, she asked “So how long have you had arthritis?” I had no idea what to tell her because I had no idea I had arthritis. I mean, I’ve had some joint pain in my big toes for a couple years but I chalked it up to just feet being feet, or the result of wearing boots all the time. But it all ended there. The pain in my feet wasn’t significant enough to me to pay any attention to it.

A couple months ago, I woke up and my left index finger was incredibly stiff. Painful to bend at the first and second joint. I assumed it was sore because I’d just gotten back into riding the motorcycle regularly. But it kept up and every morning I wake up with a stiff finger and it goes away later in the day and comes back at night or after playing games with a controller for a while.

I decided to do something about it this week and, yep, I’ve got arthritis in my hand now. And the doctor was very nonchalant about it! “Just a little arthritis”, yeah, okay, and it’s just my finger. But it’s joint pain for every day of my life for the next oh 40 – 50 years. It’s less of a bummer that my finger is sore, and more of a bummer that it’s probably not going to stop at one finger, and it’s never going to go away for good. My elementary school science teacher had arthritis in her hands and it was a constant factor in her life and fairly heartbreaking to those of us who knew her.

But whatever. I don’t let arthritis in my big toes stop me from running, and I won’t let arthritis in my hands stop me from doing anything either.