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Don’t apply for that IT position at Penny Arcade

Have you seen that fucking ridiculous Penny Arcade IT job opening? If not, here it is!

This is not one position. They outright say this is four jobs in one. In most other companies, this would actually be four job postings with four different salaries. Except in this case you should expect modest pay because Penny Arcade is not a money-motivated environment.  Not only that, you’re the only one doing IT for Penny Arcade. You are always on call. There is no downtime. It’s all on you to keep that organization running. So what about the guy who’s leaving this wonderful position?

Read that carefully. That is what Stockholm Syndrome looks like. He can’t get away for anything. He’s on an email/phone leash at all hours of the day. The only break he got was when he popped a fucking lung and he’s thankful that they pushed a project back because of it. I think the worst bulletpoint is this:

General IT: yes, everyone at Penny Arcade is fairly technically savvy. I’m pretty sure every one of them are the respective go-to IT professional for their families. Sometimes weirder stuff comes up – you need an FTP dump set up for clients, a local fileshare, “the thing isn’t working and I don’t know why”. Whatever. This is honestly the smallest drain on my time by far, but it is part of the job and there’s no one else to foist it onto. If you don’t know how to fix it, you’re the one who gets to figure out how.

When I see that, I read “fuck you, fix it”. Because that’s what it is. I’ve got this thing, I don’t know how it works, you figure it out. They’re taking their problem and making it your problem. This is not a collaborative effort. This isn’t asking for help. This is “your time isn’t as valuable as mine” and it fucking sucks every single time it happens, I don’t care how infrequent.

When I was enlisted, I was on duty 24/7. That’s everyone in the Army. Everyone is subject to recall. But even I could get two weeks away in the middle of a deployment. There are plenty of highly motivated, highly skilled people out there working at all hours of the day but this kind of commitment is usually reserved for making your dreams come true. Building your startup. Paving your own road.

This isn’t that position. This is a service position. What you’re doing is supporting someone else’s dream coming true. And you’re going to do it at all hours of the day. Your life is not your own, it’s in support of everyone else at Penny Arcade. Kenneth notes that they’ve been nothing but upfront and honest about the level of commitment needed for this position and I can’t fault him for that. But it doesn’t make it any less of a shitty position that sounds more exploitive than beneficial to the poor schmuck who actually “wins” the job.