#26 – Fez (PC)

Who hasn’t heard plenty about Phil Fish and Fez? If you haven’t seen Indie Game: The Movie, it’s on Netflix now and it’ll give you a glimpseof what goes into making a game like Fez. Some people see Phil Fish as a huge pompous prick. What I saw was a guy who just wants to make video games, without being constantly berated by the people he’s ostensibly making the games for.

Anyway, regardless of whatever anyone thinks about Phil Fish, Fez is so fucking amazing. It’s a 2D/3D platformer, in a beautiful world with no enemies to stomp or shoot, just a bunch of items to collect and puzzles to solve. If you think you’ve finished the game, you’ve probably only gotten halfway there. There are codes and secrets everywhere, and some of them are fairly obvious, and some of them are seriously well hidden.

FezĀ  2 has been more or less cancelled by Fish because of shitty people on the internet, and that’s a fucking shame.