This is why I buy Logitech

New Logitech F310I bought two Logitech F310 controllers a couple years ago: one for me, one for Katie. They’re made for PCs, and they’re compatible with Xbox 360 controllers. They work perfectly for PC gaming when an Xbox 360 controller is supported. It’s got a great feel and it’s pretty sturdy.

But my left trigger started sticking sporadically. Impossible for me to replicate, but it was often enough that it made playing games frustrating. So, hoping for the best, I contacted Logitech support. From my description, they determined that the controller was faulty, and they’d send me another one. Less than a week later, there it is. No credit card hold, no sending back the broken one, and I didn’t have to answer one million questions or jump through half a dozen support techs.

This controller has a three year warranty, standard. A lot can happen in three years and I’m certain that if something goes wrong with this one, Logitech will treat it the same way they did last time.  That’s great service, and that’s why I buy Logitech.