One of my favorite moments in Fallout 3

After wandering the wasteland and exploring countless buildings and locations, I stumbled across a clean toilet. Every other toilet was post-apocalyptic: broken, dusty, dry. This one was a normal toilet, full of water.

Curiously, you could “use” this toilet. Surprising because you can’t use the broken toilets, but there’s plenty of precedent for usable toilets in video games. So I press the use key and expect a stream of video game urine, or at least the sound of peeing.

Nope. Just a slurp. As if I had found any other water source. Because if I had been wandering the wastelands and drinking dirty, irradiated water from puddles, and fighting mutants, and struggling through a world where clean water is a commodity, I’d probably drink clean toilet water too.

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at something in a video game in my life.