#21 – Tomb Raider (PC)

Tomb Raider (the 2013 one, not the original) is my first Tomb Raider game. I am, of course, well aware of the rest of the games of the series but I never got around to playing them. As much as I enjoy action, 3D platforming isn’t something I enjoy much so I never really gave the Tomb Raider series any attention.

Tomb Raider, however, is fucking great. It’s a good blend of action, platforming, and exploration. There are even tones of Metroid in that your weapons and equipment allow you to move more quickly through previously explored areas, or open up new locations. There are plenty of collectables, but not so many that it feels impossible to find all of them.

A lot of reviews weren’t hot on how Lara is repeatedly physically abused by falls and tumbles and drops but it never seems to affect her performance in game. I, however, do not care. Because it’s a video game. Surely, if Lara Croft were an actual person experiencing the things that happen to her in this game, she would’ve been done from the start with at least half of her ribs broken, and a piece of rebar sticking out of her hip.