What am I doing?

Not finishing games, apparently! I’ve been in kind of a rut. And I’ve been playing games that have no real ending like Warframe. I’ve got The Last of Us, and it’s great, but playing it hurts my eyes for some reason, so I can’t play it for long stretches. I’ve been playing random games in search of Steam trading cards. I can’t explain why.

Remember when I said that the less I said about The Swapper, the better? The Polygon reviewed it recently and the summary of the review is the best thing I’ve seen written about it.

The Swapper is a slow and thoughtful game unnervingly fixated on its gratuitous death toll. It’s a puzzle game that asks you to consider your actions, both literally and mentally — what they did and what they cost. It is the space marine shooter inverted. Its antagonists are immobile, talkative rocks; its environment is static and action-free; its sole weapon only kills you. And The Swapper is a fantastic puzzle game because its best riddles are the ones that can’t be solved.