#17 – Far Cry 3 (PC)

This took me way longer than it should have. I blame work, and the drive-in theater, and being an adult for interfering.

Here’s what I like about Far Cry 3:

  • Exploring jungle ruins
  • Hunting animals
  • Light stealth gameplay
  • Vaas

Here’s what I didn’t like about Far Cry 3:

  • Wanted: Dead missions
  • Heavy bad guys make my guns feel ineffective
  • Crap ending

Content-wise, there is way more of what I liked than what I didn’t like. The worst part about the ending is that it feels like they were close to something magnificent, and blew it. I think that might be worse than just being bad from beginning to end. Overall, I really enjoyed it because I picked the parts that I enjoyed and played those, and I skipped the rest. I did a couple of the Wanted: Dead missions and decided that they sucked so I skipped them. I loved all of the Path of the Hunter missions. Hunting rabid dogs with a flamethrower is hilarious.

Four out of five burning dogs, running through the jungle.