#16 – Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (PC)

Blood Dragon is amazing. It’s just what I needed right now. I’ve been a little busy with the house and finishing up this semester. It’s been rather hard for me to sit down and concentrate on a single game because I feel like I’ve got so much else better to do. Blood Dragon was developed in six months on top of the Far Cry 3 assets. It doesn’t look like Far Cry 3, but it plays in a pretty similar manner. It’s just over five hours long, which was perfect. I’ve read a few reviews that say it tries too hard, and I didn’t see it. It felt like a great homage to low budget 80’s sci-fi.┬áIt’s parts Terminator, Predator, Robot Jox, GI Joe, Robocop, Hardware, and plenty of other references I’ve forgotten or missed. I loved it.