#17 – Far Cry 3 (PC)

This took me way longer than it should have. I blame work, and the drive-in theater, and being an adult for interfering.

Here’s what I like about Far Cry 3:

  • Exploring jungle ruins
  • Hunting animals
  • Light stealth gameplay
  • Vaas

Here’s what I didn’t like about Far Cry 3:

  • Wanted: Dead missions
  • Heavy bad guys make my guns feel ineffective
  • Crap ending

Content-wise, there is way more of what I liked than what I didn’t like. The worst part about the ending is that it feels like they were close to something magnificent, and blew it. I think that might be worse than just being bad from beginning to end. Overall, I really enjoyed it because I picked the parts that I enjoyed and played those, and I skipped the rest. I did a couple of the Wanted: Dead missions and decided that they sucked so I skipped them. I loved all of the Path of the Hunter missions. Hunting rabid dogs with a flamethrower is hilarious.

Four out of five burning dogs, running through the jungle.

Giving up

I don’t actively quit on games often at all. I’m far more likely to get bored and just stop playing them, or jump on something new before finishing what I’ve already got. But I very rarely give up on a game on purpose.

I’m probably not going to finish Resistance: Fall of Man. I got it because it was cheap and I’ve heard a lot of good things about Resistance 3 and I wanted to start the series from the beginning. But Resistance was a PS3 launch title, over six years old, and it has aged poorly. It’s a fairly good looking game, but it seriously lacks color and the gameplay is very bland. Then it has a problem with checkpoints being too far apart, and where I am in the game is getting fairly difficult. So now it’s not exciting, and it’s not fun.

So instead of forcing myself to play something I’m not enjoying over and over until I get through it, I’m giving up. I read the plot synopsis on Wikipedia, and I’ve started Resistance 2, which is a better game so far. I’ve got way too many other games to play to suffer through something I’m not enjoying.

#16 – Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (PC)

Blood Dragon is amazing. It’s just what I needed right now. I’ve been a little busy with the house and finishing up this semester. It’s been rather hard for me to sit down and concentrate on a single game because I feel like I’ve got so much else better to do. Blood Dragon was developed in six months on top of the Far Cry 3 assets. It doesn’t look like Far Cry 3, but it plays in a pretty similar manner. It’s just over five hours long, which was perfect. I’ve read a few reviews that say it tries too hard, and I didn’t see it. It felt like a great homage to low budget 80’s sci-fi.┬áIt’s parts Terminator, Predator, Robot Jox, GI Joe, Robocop, Hardware, and plenty of other references I’ve forgotten or missed. I loved it.