Cats and dogs in the new house

Today, we moved the cats in. I’ve got experience in jamming uncooperative cats into travel containers (one time, Genghis got out, and when I tried to get her back in, she peed on me) so I wore my motorcycle jacket and gloves for the process. Sure enough, all of the cats put up a valiant fight, Genghis most of all. She may be tubby and sleep almost all day, but she’s at least half ox and very stubborn.

As soon as we let them out at home, Old Fat starts exploring like she owns the place, and Genghis and Gozer find the underside of the bed. While this 9000 year old cat is walking around and seeing the house and not paying any mind to those three dogs, Genghis and Gozer spend almost the whole night under the bed. Since Katie and the dogs have gone (mostly) to sleep, Gozer has come out and looked around, and Genghis has found a nice spot in my office.

Our house is pretty big and we’ve got way more rooms than people, so in picking out what to do with the rooms, we’ve designated one as the cat room. It’ll be where we put the food and litter box and some cat related stuff. When we brought the cats home, we hastily threw some of the necessities in there, but we haven’t really worked out the dog-proofing part yet. See, Chester is a notorious cat turd connoisseur, Harley loves the taste of cat food, and Fawkes just likes to mess with cats sometimes, so it’s in our interest and in the cats’ interests if we could have a safe room for them to eat and poop in.

For now, we are accomplishing this through monitoring of the dogs. They’ve been pretty good at staying near us, as they usually are, but since Katie has gone to sleep, Chester has decided that he needed to guard the cat room. You know, in case Harley decided she wanted in there, as if that old dog could do anything to stop her but growl and fart. After I caught him trying to sneak in to grab a late night snack and shooed him into the bedroom, Harley has taken up the charge of defending the cat room.

We might be able to fix this with a cat-climbable gate, but that old cat isn’t as spry as she used to be. Or a cat tree with a pad big enough for at least the food. A lot of my ideas center around the whole cats climb better than dogs idea, except Old Fat isn’t a great climber or jumper anymore. We’re just stuck on how to dog-proof a room from a large-sized dog, a medium-sized dog, and a cat-sized dog, while keeping it available to the world’s oldest cat.

What am I doing?


Okay but I’ve been half-heartedly playing Resistance: Fall of Man, Guacamelee, and Vanquish on PS3. Resistance is underwhelming but it was a launch title and actually quite old at this point. Guacamelee is beautiful and fun but I think I’ve either encountered a bug, or I’m stuck. Vanquish is sliding around on rocket boots.

I’ve also recommitted to finishing Darksiders 2. Jake finished is not that long ago, which reminded me that I never finished it myself. I thought it was because I’d gotten stuck in it but I loaded up my save and found that I’d just stopped playing.

Here’s the thing. I loved Darksiders. I love to tell people it’s the best Zelda game ever made, because it’s the only one I finished even though it’s not actually a Zelda game. It’s so close it might as well be. Anyway, it’s fantastic. Darksiders 2 isn’t bad, but it’s different. It’s a little more loot-y and a little more grind-y and kind of less Zelda-y. And I think one of my mistakes is that I started on Apocalyptic (hard) difficulty, and I can’t go back now because I’m over 16 hours into it and dying on most large fights at least once.

But everything is going slowly because I’ve been trying to get this house closed on, which I did today, and spending this weekend moving. I might not even have internet again until Monday or Tuesday, which is kind of a bummer. Oh well, awesome house!

#15 – Infamous (PS3)

Infamous came with my PS3, as well as Infamous 2, Uncharted, and Uncharted 2. It was the first game I played on it, and the first of those four that I finished. It does comic book style really well. The story is largely told through comic book framed cutscenes. There’s a morality system where you can choose play either a hero or a villain. Your power is electricity, and you can either use that to revive civilians and restrain bad guys, or suck the life out of them. Often the “good” choice is to sacrifice yourself to save others. Actually, that’s pretty much the only choice. It’s pretty much always damage yourself, or let someone die. It doesn’t get much deeper than that, but it doesn’t have to; it’s a comic book. The ending is a pretty good surprise, except it leaves a bunch of loose ends. It even goes so far to acknowledge those loose ends, so I guess the devs were pretty confident in the probability of a sequel. For being not a huge fan of open world games, I’ve been completing an awful lot of them lately.

4 out of 5 lightning bolts