#12 – Civilization 5 (PC)

Okay, this one is kind of cheating because you can’t really finish Civilization 5, but I did finish one game of Civ 5 and it took me over 8 hours to do so. I hit the “play now” button and I got the Iroquois on a small world, continental map with five opponents on “prince” difficulty. I ended up on my own isolated continent (except for two city-states) while almost everyone else ended up on a much larger continent. The exception was another civilization that was just to my south, whom I quickly annexed. My people were mostly unhappy as I had too many cities, too many people, and not enough happiness to go around. Because of my isolation, I had a hard time fighting other countries on the big continent, but they also had a hard time getting to me. I lost a lot of land units in transit, and I ended up bombarding a lot from my ships off the coast. Not effective at taking cities, but plenty damaging to units on land. I spent the early game a little behind in technology, but when it mattered, I was ahead. I finished off with a space victory about 30 turns before the end.

The city-states make an interesting addition, and the “one unit per tile” rule means my attacks were made in waves rather than one pile of units hopping around. Cities seemed rather more difficult to take than Civ 4, and I clearly did not pay enough attention to happiness. I went with a space victory because I was strong on research late in the game, and couldn’t muster the culture for a policy victory, no one liked me enough for a UN victory, and conquering everyone would have been a serious slog.

4 out of 5 mohawk warriors