What am I doing?

I haven’t updated for a while, right? I must not be playing any games, or I got lazy already and quit posting! No, I’m definitely playing games, but I’m trying to complete the Mass Effect trilogy and I’m not posting about games I’ve already beaten, so Mass Effect 1 and 2 don’t count. I finished Mass Effect 1 last weekend, and I’m halfway through 2. Mass Effect 3 will count, I haven’t played it yet. I’ve also never played the Mass Effect 2 DLC, but DLC doesn’t count.

I’m also trying out a couple games in the interim. Stealth Bastard Deluxe is a fun, stealthy platformer. It’s mostly a puzzle game. I got Miasmata because it got a lot of positive word of mouth. I’m a couple hours into and I’m fairly bad at it. I mean, I get the navigation principles, I just haven’t gotten used to the spotting landmarks. I backed Strike Suit Zero on Kickstarter, and it was released last week! I’m two missions in and it is remarkably a lot like Colony Wars. I haven’t gotten to the part where I get the sweet mech suit yet though.