#4 – Killzone HD (PSN)

I got Killzone HD as part of the larger Killzone Trilogy bundle, but I’ve owned the original Killzone for quite a while. I never finished it on PS2 because I got stuck on a particularly difficult level, and the game wasn’t all that interesting enough to justify wasting a lot of time on it. But now that I have Killzone 2 and 3, I kind of wanted to go back and get through the first game. So what’s HD about Killzone HD? The resolution is higher, and the texturing on the character models is a bit more detailed, but that’s about it. The FMV between levels is particularly low resolution and full of artifacts from being highly compressed. It’s a competent if boring FPS.

Three out of five Rico’s

#3 – Unmechanical (PC)

I wasn’t expecting to finish Unmechanical tonight, but it was very, very short. Just over two hours short. The game is rather fun though. You play as a little robot with a helicopter on his head and a tractor beam. You carry stuff around and solve some physics-y puzzles. The game is beautiful, and the puzzles are mostly easy. I really enjoyed the game, so I wish it were twice as long.

Three out of five flying robot janitors