Bullet sponge

I’m nearing the end of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I play it in between games because I can’t handle playing it for long. I can’t handle it because the game is beautiful and the weapons are mostly well done and the missions are almost fun but the main character is FRAGILE.

There are few things that really turn me off of a first-person shooter but instant death or quick death to the point of where I am forced to memorize where the bad guys are is one of them. I’ll get to a point in Bad Company 2 where I get stuck and die repeatedly in the same spot. It’s frustrating. I hate replaying sections and I most certainly hate dying from the same thing over and over. It’s even worse when I’m getting stuck on geometry.

Most recently, I kept dying in one spot on a level, as I do, and I noticed that my friendly AI companions were not advancing through the level with me. They were just kind of stuck in one spot and wouldn’t proceed past it for whatever reason. After inching through this section, because I hadn’t reached a checkpoint in a while and I did not want to repeat it all over again, I finally reached one (and more enemies) and my AI friends suddenly popped into existence right next to me! What the hell. Obviously they were supposed to be following me, and didn’t, so I fought through most of that section solo. It’s annoying.

I’m really only grinding through it at this point just because I’m almost at the end and I want to clear it off of my hard drive. I enjoyed the early game, when every encounter wasn’t absolutely lethal.