An Apology to Deus Ex

Dear Deus Ex,

I was wrong about you. So wrong. You and I were speaking different languages for years. This week I decided to listen before speaking.

Instead of trying to do everything and see everything and crawl through every nook and cranny, I accepted you for being a bigger game than one playthrough can encompass. Instead of trying to do everything in one run, I just did things my way. I blasted my enemies to death. I tossed out all non-lethal weaponry. I explored whenever I could but accepted that not every door could or should be opened. I dumped skills into computers so I could hack turrets and cameras instead of sneaking around, which I hate. I played you the way that I enjoyed the most.

And it worked! I finished you today, having put in almost 15 hours over the course of four days. It was awesome!

In short, Deus Ex, thanks for being you. I was wrong about you all along.