Personal Nonsense

This class is ridiculous

Tuesday I had my second plant bio exam. Now, leading up to this exam, I hadn’t gone to lecture between the first exam and now. I got an 86 on my first exam and attendance is not required because the points from attendance come from the same pool as the points for the quizzes posted on Blackboard. The quizzes are far more helpful than the lectures because the exams come straight out of the quizzes.

Going into this exam, I was a little worried! The study guide for the first exam had literally all the answers needed to pass the quizzes, and there was a practice exam posted that I could take over and over without consequence. It was great for memorizing questions and answers. This time around the study guide was not complete and there was no practice exam. I had to go through lecture slides to get through the quizzes, and then I studied off of the quizzes but I didn’t get that feedback of what I retained and what I couldn’t remember by taking that practice exam. But I felt confident that I at least passed the exam afterwards.

I got an 88. I did better on the second exam with an incomplete study guide and no practice than I did on the first exam. Obviously, I’m doing something right!