Personal Nonsense

Countdown to FREEDOM

I’m insane and tonight I pounded out my last paper until after Spring break! Combined with finishing my assignments for Wednesday, the only obligations I have outside of classes are readings and two exams! This almost means my working obligations are over! I’ll sleep well tonight knowing that I don’t have anything due for at least two weeks! YEAH!

I finished up Dead Space 2: Severed. Here’s a brief cost analysis: $6 (560 ms bucks), two chapters containing just over an hour of gameplay (on normal difficulty), one altered weapon (patrol seeker rifle), one “new” enemy (the twitchy fast necromorphs from the first one), and I think they added two altered suits to my main campaign save. I think it was worth it because I love Dead Space 2.

If I didn’t love the game so much to begin with, I might be a little upset. The two chapters take place in a mining quarry and the medical wing of Titan station, both of which are settings I’ve been to before. It is completely self-contained and has in-game cutscenes and voice acting but since it’s so short, it’s hard to connect with the characters I’m supposed to connect to. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t play Extraction first, which is where they came from.

This compelled me to start up my New Game+ on Zealot difficulty. I’m up to chapter two already. Yep, I still love this game!