Tomb of Malevolence

You know, the first thing I did today was get Dead Space 2: Severed and the Nine Inch Nails track pack for Rock Band. I’ve played a couple of the Nine Inch Nails songs but I haven’t touched Severed yet.

I did, however, finish the Doom 2 bonus episode No Rest for the Living. What a brutal collection of levels. The levels are beautifully made and the challenge is always just a hair below what I was capable of beating. Seriously, Vivisection, halfway through it almost broke me. Now my avatar gets to wear the totally effing sweet Doom marine costume! And I get to grind through the rest of Doom 2 on Ultraviolence. And maybe I’ll get back into Thy Flesh Consumed if I want to die repeatedly.

Katie made the mistake of buying the Magic game off of XBLA and we played three games and I totally crushed her all three times. She blames it on the deck and cheating. You can’t cheat when the program is controlling the rules!