One gun

Thursdays are nice relaxing days, which is good because tomorrow and Saturday are going to be relatively busy! I went to the airport today but it was entirely too windy to fly so my instructor and I just went over some stuff. In an effort to wrap this up sooner than later, I’m going in tomorrow and possibly Saturday morning to get some more flights in.

Today I played some Front Mission Evolved. It is nothing like any Front Missions I had played before. This one is not a turn-based strategy, it’s a 3rd person shooter. It’s more like Armored Core than Front Mission. But that’s what I wanted, I’m way better at Armored Core than Front Mission. It has a lot of tiny hidden objects, which is somewhat irritating the completionist in me because I know I’ll never find all of them. The action is fun, and the controls are responsive, if a little wonky. They’re re-mappable but I’m lazy and won’t bother.

I also wrapped up my second playthrough of the first Dead Space. It was a new game+ on normal difficulty that I started to clean up some cheevos I missed out on the first time around. I’ve managed to get all of them except for the one involving that annoying turret sequence, one gun – which requires playing through the whole game using only the plasma cutter, and the one for beating the game on the highest difficulty. Other people have combined one gun with highest difficulty, I’m not sure I can manage that but I’m going to give it a shot.

I haven’t decided if I want to dive into another playthrough of Dead Space 2 yet. I’d be going through on Zealot difficulty (just under Hard Core) to clean up a bunch of weapon-based cheevos that I missed out on. I think I’ll give it a little while before I get back in, maybe just before the DLC is released. I definitely want to get Dead Space Extraction before that DLC arrives.

Stunt position

It’s the middle of February and I’m going to classes in shorts and a hoodie and before noon the hoodie is too much. I love riding the Sekai around campus. Maybe it’s the different body position. I just feel so lithe snaking my way through crowds, going entirely too fast. Like a jaguar on wheels. I got a 78/80 on my first law exam so I treated myself to some cheap sushi. I was going to get the sushi regardless, but the good exam score makes a good excuse.

Steam is a bastard. This is Square Enix week apparently, and they’re doing a daily deal on games. Yesterday was Just Cause, so I got Just Cause 2 for $7.50 because Yahtzee loves it so much. I let it download overnight and gave it a quick whirl. It’s pretty fun and definitely entirely insane. I keep running out of ammo though, so I think I’m doing something wrong.

Tonight I finished Dead Space 2. I, quite honestly, don’t really know what the story was supposed to be but I’m beyond satisfied by the ending. It’s set up for a third game, which is fine by me. The final encounter is pretty easy but the fights leading up to it got pretty hairy at times. Pukers, PUKERS, can go straight to hell. I’m still unreasonably attached to my ripper. It is insanely useful in the late game. I don’t know when I’ll play it on new game+ on Zealot difficulty. I’m about positive I’ll never make it through on Hard Core mode. Still, if it’s not clear that I had a lot of fun with it yet, I think it’s safe to say that I loved it.

Thursdays are pretty good days, and with high winds predicted tomorrow, it doesn’t look like I’ll be flying. Maybe I’ll get in a nice bike ride!

Spearmint: not a worm

My plant biology lab has taken a shocking turn. I did not draw a single plant or plant part today! Of course, I looked at plants and wrote words about plants but zero drawing! Also, I learned that spearmint is not worm and you cannot make two spearmint plants by cutting a stalk off of one and jamming it into some wet dirt. It just dies.

In an effort to wrap up this inexorably long flight course, I flew for an hour today. It was windy as hell. I almost made myself sick from all the up and down and round and round.

I am nearing the end of Dead Space 2. I’m on chapter 13 out of 15. I haven’t really branched out to use the new weapons the game has but I’m really loving the hell out of my good old ripper, and the contact beam is even more useful than before. The game keeps handing me contact beam ammo, so much so that I’m selling more than I’m firing. I could probably sell all of my other weapons and finish it with the contact beam alone.

I don’t have much to look forward to tomorrow. It’ll be windy and warm, so I guess I’ll enjoy the nice weather.

Lies previews tell

I rode the Sekai to school today and it was fannnnnntastic! I don’t know if I was actually going faster but I sure felt like I was.

Anyone who wrote a preview for Dead Space 2 before it came out ought to be shot. Every preview I read was about how this time Isaac was taking the fight to the necromorphs and the action would be heavier and the game would be less linear and Isaac would have a voice. Only one of those is completely true. Isaac certainly has a voice. But it’s still about escape and not taking the fight to the necromorphs. If anything, the game is more linear than the first one, because it all moves a long a critical path with no maps. That’s right, maps are out! There’s no need for them! As for the action, it doesn’t feel heavier but the necromorphs certainly have more variety.

I was almost turned off of this game entirely by the previews. I’ve written before about how I was going to pass on it because it sounded like Visceral was turning Dead Space into yet another 3rd person shooter, and that simply isn’t true.

Snot dripping out of nose

Last night, I didn’t stay up till 3am. In fact, I was in bed before 2am! So I was up just after 10am today. It was super nice out, near 60 degrees, so I took the racer out and lubed it up. I’m trying to decide if I should ride the racer or the mountain bike to school tomorrow. As long as tomorrow is a dry day, I will take the racer.

I also did something different today in that I did my homework relatively early rather than let it hang over me all day! I didn’t have much except a 3 page paper.

With homework out of the way, I could goof off for the rest of my day guilt-free! So I took my list of ingredients to the grocery store and got enough real food to last for at least a little while. I also got a neti pot.

That is a weird sensation, isn’t it? It really works great for clearing out all the snot plugging up my nose! However, the snot ends up dripping out of my nose rather than flushing neatly out with the salt water. Oh well. It’s better than spitting and blowing my nose a bazillion times.

I played a round of Dead Space 2 tonight and won both rounds on Marker! At least one of my teammates knew what to do so while the other two distracted the necromorphs and kept them off of us, we blasted the objectives. On my necromorph round, I kept respawning as Pack and slicing up the humans who weren’t making much apparent effort to destroy the objective! I got 1 execution and 4 kills and came out in first place. I got as much XP in that one round as I did in the last two games I’ve played so I leveled up twice.

It really figures that a game that has a multiplayer mode that I thought would be entirely unnecessary would be totally fun. Unfortunately, they didn’t tie any cheevos into the multiplayer. I would appreciate that more in a game like Condemned 2, but I like the multiplayer in Dead Space 2!

I am unreasonably tired.

Squawk 0314

What a day! I woke up early and finished my flight plan (which took entirely too long on my behalf) and got to the airport. The bad news was the winds up north were strong and turbulent. The good news was the winds out east were (mostly) stable and light. So my flight instructor and I crapped out a new plan and I flew to Evansville and Owensboro again.

It was super boring. I made this same exact flight once before and I’ve gone in that direction four times. There’s nothing new to see. I managed to find Evansville this time, which is good because the transponder wasn’t working.

That sucked up my entire morning and half of the afternoon. Something about cross-country flights just sucks the energy right out of me so I took a long nap.

I haven’t played any Dead Space 2 today. I haven’t really done much of anything actually. Where did my Saturday go? Oh right, it dripped out of my nose. Snot management is sucking up a lot of my time.

A linear sequence of scares

Today wasn’t quite as long as I expected. My English class just consisted of turning in some homework, and my law class was an 80 question true/false and multiple choice exam that I blasted through in less than 10 minutes. What can I say? Between working in a law office, and an unhealthy obsession with courtroom dramas and Cops, I know a little about the legal system.

I made it to disc 2 of Dead Space 2. It’s really not that much different than the first one. It feels a lot more linear because there’s no hub and tram system but the first game was more or less linear. This one is just more transparent about it. I hope to finish it before the end of the weekend.

My sore throat has turned into congestion and sneezing fits. I’m plugged up and blasting spit all over myself. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t leave my apartment.


Is there anything worse than having to write to a word count? Honestly, give me any number of questions that need answered or topics that need to be addressed but please, please, please don’t give me a word count and send me on my way. That is like guaranteeing that will add as many fluff words as possible.

Dead Space 2 is still pretty awesome, but I’m only halfway through chapter 3. Here’s a minor complaint: chapters in Dead Space were obvious breaking points. I get to the tram, I get to save my game, chapter completed. No such luck in Dead Space 2. Maybe they didn’t want to break up the action. I think making good stopping points shows the developer knows something about pacing. I can’t think of any game that I’ve run through from start to finish without taking a break. Obviously, the save points are stopping points but they often come right before an intense situation. That is the last moment I would want to stop playing the game.

I tried out a round of multiplayer, which was pretty fun. It’s set up like Left 4 Dead, with 4 humans fighting against 4 necromorphs. The necromorphs are obviously more fragile but respawn faster while the humans have to complete objectives to win the round. I had some moderate success playing as a killer child and slicing up humans while playing on the necromorph side but didn’t really hit a stride playing as a human. Maybe the necromorphs knew what they were doing better than I did. I’ll probably try to get in a few more games between playing the single player campaign, because I’d hate to finish the game and find that the multiplayer has dried up entirely.

Tomorrow should be alright. A long school day but hopefully the roads won’t be icy.

Skiing on one foot

Wednesdays are so long. Something about them feels longer than Mondays and Fridays.

It started snowing here sometime before 10am so my treks across campus became increasingly dangerous, culminating in a slip on Oakland that I caught with my hand. Oakland must be made out of greased ice, I have slid on that road twice now. I walked it until I got to Freeman and rode the rest of the way with one leg dangling because it’s a downhill ride. I really wish I had some knobby tires, I don’t think these slick commuter tires are doing me any good in this snow.

I took too long of a nap because I woke up in the middle of it and my throat felt worse than it had all day. It still feels awful.

Dead Space 2 arrived but I felt the need to wrap up Dead Space Ignition first. I kind of hate this game. The motion comic isn’t particularly well drawn, and the voice acting is pretty awful. There are three mini-games, one is puzzle type, another tower defense, and the third is a race. The puzzle type and tower defense are not bad, just really easy. The race is awful. AWFUL. It’s top-down, the view randomly swings around for different perspectives and control orientations, and the controls feel super sloppy. Every time I successfully completed a race, I felt as though it had more to do with luck than skill.

But I finished all that game had to offer so I never have to play it again.

I started Dead Space 2. I’m still not sold on Isaac Clarke having a voice but it is more Dead Space and god knows I love Dead Space. I am thrilled to see that Isaac’s Mighty Foot has returned and it’s more useful than ever! Stomping on chest cavities feels like busting morbid pinatas for their goodies. It is ridiculous and very satisfying.

I only finished chapter 1. I’ll probably play some more tonight.

Little red dots

What a day. Plant biology is, at best, a little ridiculous and, at worst, an excuse to give college credits to incompetents. There are online quizzes. I can take the quizzes in lieu of attending class. I can take each quiz three times and I get the average of all three scores. At the end of the first attempt, I can see what the answers are. Almost all of the answers are in the exam study guide to begin with.

Before the exam, the professor posted the practice exam. I can take the practice exam as many times as I want and I can see the right answers at the end of each attempt and it’s not scored. ┬áI took it about five times so by the time I showed up for the exam this morning, I’d had most of the questions and answers memorized.

The exam is based entirely off of the practice exam. The practice had 100 questions, the real thing only had 50. The questions and the answers are entirely the same as on the practice exam. I will be downright shocked if I didn’t get an A on it.

That’s the lecture/exam part. The lab is even worse. Every lab is the same. Look at some stuff under a microscope, draw what I see. I feel like I’m getting improving more in my freehand drawings than in my plant biology knowledge.

I had to pop out a couple of papers tonight to make up for missing classes on Monday. That was miserable but I hope no one really cares about page count. For the second time, I’m turning in more than the required number of pages. I can’t tell whether I talk too much or I’m just printing really big.

I have a sore throat. I blame Katie. But Dead Space 2 is showing up tomorrow, so everything is going to be A-OKAY.