Personal Nonsense


Where the hell did today go? I can’t think of a single thing I did today that could be considered productive. I’ve watched some TV shows, and played some games but not much, and that’s it. Oh well.



Bad menus in okay games

Indulge me a moment. Consider this compensation for forgetting to write yesterday.

I picked up Marc Ecko’s Getting Up for PS2 a month ago. It was $3 and Jeff Gerstmann loves it and he has pretty good taste. The game is really kind of standard PS2 fare; 3rd person with really loose camera controls, fighting, and unique mechanic A, in this case graffiti. But that’s not what I’m writing about.

I’m writing about some kind of disappointing design choices, specifically in the menus. Basically, everything outside of the pause menu looks awful. It’s scenes from a subway station with the menus themselves embedded into the scenery. It’s like navigating the menus of a DVD. And the background art isn’t even that good, they would’ve been better off using their in-game 3D models.

Nearly everything else, from the in-game cutscenes, to the manual, and the case art have a clear sense of style and look great. It’s just those awful menus.