Personal Nonsense


The weather was nice today, until about 11am. No wet asscrack, but I got plenty dirty, wet, and cold. For what? Two of my five classes felt like a waste of time today.

I stayed up too late last night playing Just Cause 2. This game is bonkers. The world map is INSANELY huge. There are tons of vehicles, cities, villages, and collectables. Good god, collectables everywhere. There are a ton of things that are made to explode and you’re encouraged to blow them up but they also attract the attention of the local military. Even when I’m traveling from place to place and trying to get to a new mission, I simply cannot resist blowing up everything that will blow up. This often results in me dying and respawning miles away from where I was trying to go in the first place.

Tomorrow is a light day. I’ll be happy if it’s a drier day.