Personal Nonsense

One gun

Thursdays are nice relaxing days, which is good because tomorrow and Saturday are going to be relatively busy! I went to the airport today but it was entirely too windy to fly so my instructor and I just went over some stuff. In an effort to wrap this up sooner than later, I’m going in tomorrow and possibly Saturday morning to get some more flights in.

Today I played some Front Mission Evolved. It is nothing like any Front Missions I had played before. This one is not a turn-based strategy, it’s a 3rd person shooter. It’s more like Armored Core than Front Mission. But that’s what I wanted, I’m way better at Armored Core than Front Mission. It has a lot of tiny hidden objects, which is somewhat irritating the completionist in me because I know I’ll never find all of them. The action is fun, and the controls are responsive, if a little wonky. They’re re-mappable but I’m lazy and won’t bother.

I also wrapped up my second playthrough of the first Dead Space. It was a new game+ on normal difficulty that I started to clean up some cheevos I missed out on the first time around. I’ve managed to get all of them except for the one involving that annoying turret sequence, one gun – which requires playing through the whole game using only the plasma cutter, and the one for beating the game on the highest difficulty. Other people have combined one gun with highest difficulty, I’m not sure I can manage that but I’m going to give it a shot.

I haven’t decided if I want to dive into another playthrough of Dead Space 2 yet. I’d be going through on Zealot difficulty (just under Hard Core) to clean up a bunch of weapon-based cheevos that I missed out on. I think I’ll give it a little while before I get back in, maybe just before the DLC is released. I definitely want to get Dead Space Extraction before that DLC arrives.