Personal Nonsense

Stunt position

It’s the middle of February and I’m going to classes in shorts and a hoodie and before noon the hoodie is too much. I love riding the Sekai around campus. Maybe it’s the different body position. I just feel so lithe snaking my way through crowds, going entirely too fast. Like a jaguar on wheels. I got a 78/80 on my first law exam so I treated myself to some cheap sushi. I was going to get the sushi regardless, but the good exam score makes a good excuse.

Steam is a bastard. This is Square Enix week apparently, and they’re doing a daily deal on games. Yesterday was Just Cause, so I got Just Cause 2 for $7.50 because Yahtzee loves it so much. I let it download overnight and gave it a quick whirl. It’s pretty fun and definitely entirely insane. I keep running out of ammo though, so I think I’m doing something wrong.

Tonight I finished Dead Space 2. I, quite honestly, don’t really know what the story was supposed to be but I’m beyond satisfied by the ending. It’s set up for a third game, which is fine by me. The final encounter is pretty easy but the fights leading up to it got pretty hairy at times. Pukers, PUKERS, can go straight to hell. I’m still unreasonably attached to my ripper. It is insanely useful in the late game. I don’t know when I’ll play it on new game+ on Zealot difficulty. I’m about positive I’ll never make it through on Hard Core mode. Still, if it’s not clear that I had a lot of fun with it yet, I think it’s safe to say that I loved it.

Thursdays are pretty good days, and with high winds predicted tomorrow, it doesn’t look like I’ll be flying. Maybe I’ll get in a nice bike ride!

Personal Nonsense

Spearmint: not a worm

My plant biology lab has taken a shocking turn. I did not draw a single plant or plant part today! Of course, I looked at plants and wrote words about plants but zero drawing! Also, I learned that spearmint is not worm and you cannot make two spearmint plants by cutting a stalk off of one and jamming it into some wet dirt. It just dies.

In an effort to wrap up this inexorably long flight course, I flew for an hour today. It was windy as hell. I almost made myself sick from all the up and down and round and round.

I am nearing the end of Dead Space 2. I’m on chapter 13 out of 15. I haven’t really branched out to use the new weapons the game has but I’m really loving the hell out of my good old ripper, and the contact beam is even more useful than before. The game keeps handing me contact beam ammo, so much so that I’m selling more than I’m firing. I could probably sell all of my other weapons and finish it with the contact beam alone.

I don’t have much to look forward to tomorrow. It’ll be windy and warm, so I guess I’ll enjoy the nice weather.