Personal Nonsense

Snot dripping out of nose

Last night, I didn’t stay up till 3am. In fact, I was in bed before 2am! So I was up just after 10am today. It was super nice out, near 60 degrees, so I took the racer out and lubed it up. I’m trying to decide if I should ride the racer or the mountain bike to school tomorrow. As long as tomorrow is a dry day, I will take the racer.

I also did something different today in that I did my homework relatively early rather than let it hang over me all day! I didn’t have much except a 3 page paper.

With homework out of the way, I could goof off for the rest of my day guilt-free! So I took my list of ingredients to the grocery store and got enough real food to last for at least a little while. I also got a neti pot.

That is a weird sensation, isn’t it? It really works great for clearing out all the snot plugging up my nose! However, the snot ends up dripping out of my nose rather than flushing neatly out with the salt water. Oh well. It’s better than spitting and blowing my nose a bazillion times.

I played a round of Dead Space 2 tonight and won both rounds on Marker! At least one of my teammates knew what to do so while the other two distracted the necromorphs and kept them off of us, we blasted the objectives. On my necromorph round, I kept respawning as Pack and slicing up the humans who weren’t making much apparent effort to destroy the objective! I got 1 execution and 4 kills and came out in first place. I got as much XP in that one round as I did in the last two games I’ve played so I leveled up twice.

It really figures that a game that has a multiplayer mode that I thought would be entirely unnecessary would be totally fun. Unfortunately, they didn’t tie any cheevos into the multiplayer. I would appreciate that more in a game like Condemned 2, but I like the multiplayer in Dead Space 2!

I am unreasonably tired.