Personal Nonsense


Is there anything worse than having to write to a word count? Honestly, give me any number of questions that need answered or topics that need to be addressed but please, please, please don’t give me a word count and send me on my way. That is like guaranteeing that will add as many fluff words as possible.

Dead Space 2 is still pretty awesome, but I’m only halfway through chapter 3. Here’s a minor complaint: chapters in Dead Space were obvious breaking points. I get to the tram, I get to save my game, chapter completed. No such luck in Dead Space 2. Maybe they didn’t want to break up the action. I think making good stopping points shows the developer knows something about pacing. I can’t think of any game that I’ve run through from start to finish without taking a break. Obviously, the save points are stopping points but they often come right before an intense situation. That is the last moment I would want to stop playing the game.

I tried out a round of multiplayer, which was pretty fun. It’s set up like Left 4 Dead, with 4 humans fighting against 4 necromorphs. The necromorphs are obviously more fragile but respawn faster while the humans have to complete objectives to win the round. I had some moderate success playing as a killer child and slicing up humans while playing on the necromorph side but didn’t really hit a stride playing as a human. Maybe the necromorphs knew what they were doing better than I did. I’ll probably try to get in a few more games between playing the single player campaign, because I’d hate to finish the game and find that the multiplayer has dried up entirely.

Tomorrow should be alright. A long school day but hopefully the roads won’t be icy.