Personal Nonsense

Skiing on one foot

Wednesdays are so long. Something about them feels longer than Mondays and Fridays.

It started snowing here sometime before 10am so my treks across campus became increasingly dangerous, culminating in a slip on Oakland that I caught with my hand. Oakland must be made out of greased ice, I have slid on that road twice now. I walked it until I got to Freeman and rode the rest of the way with one leg dangling because it’s a downhill ride. I really wish I had some knobby tires, I don’t think these slick commuter tires are doing me any good in this snow.

I took too long of a nap because I woke up in the middle of it and my throat felt worse than it had all day. It still feels awful.

Dead Space 2 arrived but I felt the need to wrap up Dead Space Ignition first. I kind of hate this game. The motion comic isn’t particularly well drawn, and the voice acting is pretty awful. There are three mini-games, one is puzzle type, another tower defense, and the third is a race. The puzzle type and tower defense are not bad, just really easy. The race is awful. AWFUL. It’s top-down, the view randomly swings around for different perspectives and control orientations, and the controls feel super sloppy. Every time I successfully completed a race, I felt as though it had more to do with luck than skill.

But I finished all that game had to offer so I never have to play it again.

I started Dead Space 2. I’m still not sold on Isaac Clarke having a voice but it is more Dead Space and god knows I love Dead Space. I am thrilled to see that Isaac’s Mighty Foot has returned and it’s more useful than ever! Stomping on chest cavities feels like busting morbid pinatas for their goodies. It is ridiculous and very satisfying.

I only finished chapter 1. I’ll probably play some more tonight.