Personal Nonsense

Little red dots

What a day. Plant biology is, at best, a little ridiculous and, at worst, an excuse to give college credits to incompetents. There are online quizzes. I can take the quizzes in lieu of attending class. I can take each quiz three times and I get the average of all three scores. At the end of the first attempt, I can see what the answers are. Almost all of the answers are in the exam study guide to begin with.

Before the exam, the professor posted the practice exam. I can take the practice exam as many times as I want and I can see the right answers at the end of each attempt and it’s not scored. ┬áI took it about five times so by the time I showed up for the exam this morning, I’d had most of the questions and answers memorized.

The exam is based entirely off of the practice exam. The practice had 100 questions, the real thing only had 50. The questions and the answers are entirely the same as on the practice exam. I will be downright shocked if I didn’t get an A on it.

That’s the lecture/exam part. The lab is even worse. Every lab is the same. Look at some stuff under a microscope, draw what I see. I feel like I’m getting improving more in my freehand drawings than in my plant biology knowledge.

I had to pop out a couple of papers tonight to make up for missing classes on Monday. That was miserable but I hope no one really cares about page count. For the second time, I’m turning in more than the required number of pages. I can’t tell whether I talk too much or I’m just printing really big.

I have a sore throat. I blame Katie. But Dead Space 2 is showing up tomorrow, so everything is going to be A-OKAY.