Personal Nonsense

Water sloshing around

I finished Hydrophobia so I guess I don’t have to play that anymore. What a weird game. The controls are super loose, and this after it has received an extensive overhaul. The whole game is just running through a series of similar looking corridors and either shooting dudes directly or shooting the barrel or transformer or hanging wire right next to a dude. And water sloshes around and you have to swim in the water sometimes. It’s really kind of ridiculous. And it just ends. It almost stops in the middle of a sentence, then roll credits. It’s so short.

As I drove back to Carbondale this morning I listened to Giant Bomb’s game of the year deliberations. I decided that I can probably get the most enjoyment out of Dead Rising 2 by playing Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. It’s only $5 and it’s short and there’s only one psychopath. I’ll probably derive as much enjoyment out of Case Zero as I would through the entirety of Dead Rising 2. I played the demo and it lasted until I got about 15 minutes into it, and at least 7 of those minutes were cutscenes.

I also got a speeding ticket on the way back to Carbondale. That’s so embarrassing. How old am I?