Personal Nonsense

Grandma’s funeral

Katie and I slept in a little later today than we probably expected. I told her last night that we had to be awake by 11am and she acted as though sleeping in till 11am was impossible. We woke up around 10am. She made biscuits and gravy and tofu scramble for breakfast and it was pretty awesome. Lauri came over around 12 and we got out the door on our way to Carrolton at 12:30. The visitation started at 1pm.

We got to the funeral home around 1:30pm. Pretty much everyone was there already. Everyone looked so different but I hadn’t seen most of them in over 7 years. I barely recognized my dad and I’d seen him in the last 5 years. I recognized Beth because we’re friends on Facebook. She introduced us to her fiancee Alan. I recognized Gloria and Aunt Diane and Aunt Sharon and Uncle Bill. They pretty much never change. I did not recognize Valerie or her husband Chris and I never knew her children, whose names I can’t remember. I hadn’t seen Louie since I was a little kid. It was all pretty insane.

The ceremony itself was relatively short, not that I’ve been to a lot of funerals. The pastor kind of droned on about Jesus and grandma’s mansion, but the parts Aunt Sharon and Gloria said were nice. At the end Aunt Sharon asked us to take either one of the porcelein birds or a necklace that had belonged to grandma as a keepsake. I got a porcelein owl. Lauri got a necklace with a lens on it.

Afterward most of the family was meeting up at a restaurant 20 minutes away. On the way to the funeral Lauri and I discussed that we probably wouldn’t go to it but after the ceremony we decided that we would. So we sat there and talked and talked and talked. It was relatively pleasant. We left around 6pm because Lauri still had to drive back home to Bloomington and we were an hour and a half away from Springfield.

When we got back to Springfield we went straight over to Jim and Andria’s for the superbowl party that we’d missed half of. Commercials were played, The Black Eyed Peas reminded me why I never listen to The Black Eyed Peas, a ball was moved around, and some team won. Then we watched some Puppy Bowl and some Pawn Stars. Nick brought a video camera and a shirt that played air guitar.

Tomorrow I get to drive back to Carbondale and look forward to another exciting week of class!