Personal Nonsense

Put a bird on it

I woke up this morning and couldn’t wait to get back to bed. I went to my classes but by the time I got to the last one, I could hardly believe it was only noon. I felt as though I’d been on campus all day.

And I couldn’t fathom driving three hours to Springfield on four hours of sleep and five hours of classes so I took a nap. A long nap. When I woke up, it was 5pm and Katie had called me three times (with my phone on silent) and IMed me to ask me if I was on my way yet. Whoops.

On the way up to Springfield I listened to Giant Bomb’s game of the year deliberations. I listened to the last three weeks of Bombcasts on the way to Clarksville and back yesterday and it made me realize that I have some really specific taste in video game podcasts. I can’t just listen to some dudes talking about games. I can’t even just listen to any game journalists. I’ve tried to listen to other podcasts like 1UP Yours and some crap on Destructoid and Weekend Confirmed on Shacknews and they just bore me to death.

When I listen to the Idle Thumbs podcasts (old and newer) and the Bombcast, I get intelligent discussion and humor. The guys riff off of each other just perfectly. And sometimes they go off topic but it’s never not interesting. Like they never have discussions about football or other shit I for realz don’t care about. They’re just both solid podcasts.

I got into Springfield about 10 minutes before 9pm. Katie was tired from boredom and there was no soda in the house that wasn’t diet so we went to Meijer. Meijer has gotten scary over the years. We used to go to Meijer in the middle of the night all the time and we’d be the scariest people in there. As soon as we got in the doors tonight we were stared down by a family of greasy meth addicts. And we’ve noticed before that Meijer is just full of creepy people lately.

And now we’re sitting around. Gozer keeps alternating between sitting in my lap and sitting in Katie’s lap. He’s a good cat, even if he does puke on everything.